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PK Kermet is private company which specializes in the distribution of auto spare parts. The company was established in 1989 in trading of auto components in Ukrainian market. At first our company began to supply only auto spare parts from Russia, but gradually we had increased the number of countries Ť began to supply our customers in complex. Our principle of marketing consist in qualitative service for our customers by low prices. We offer production only from great producers. Herewith all production we receive directly from official partner or from regional representatives which are authorized to serve our partnerís market in Europe.

Also our company deals with deliveries of hydraulic components for machine-building equipment.

All production that we deliver is accompanied by necessary technical documentation. And all production correspond to all standard requirements of ISO 9001.

PK Kermet has warehouses in Kiev and began to open branch offices in different regions of Ukraine.

Starting with 2006 our company began to develop the markets of Asia, extend the list of instruments and plan to develop the market of fork-lifts by Japanese and Asiatic productions.

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